Volunteer Application
Location: Buncombe, Haywood and Swain Counties, NC 28803

Position Description
Liberty Corner Enterprises
Volunteer Application Process

1. Complete an application via our online portal. Applicants must submit a minimum of 2 references in order to be considered for a volunteer position.

2. After your application as been received you will be contacted by our volunteer coordinator to schedule an interview. During the interview be ready to discuss the types of volunteer activities you are interested in, as this will help us determine the best placement for each person’s unique skillset.

3. Once the interview is completed and a match has been identified, the volunteer will need to complete all required paperwork. Volunteers must also provide a copy of their state ID and Social Security card. A background check must also be completed before an assignment can be made.

4. After the application and paperwork has been processed, the volunteer will be scheduled for an orientation. The orientation must be completed before volunteer hours can be served. The volunteer coordinator will work with those signed up for the class in determining the most convenient time to hold the training.

5. Once all required training is completed the volunteer can begin their assignment!

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